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 Public News 
AJ Plays (Tuesday 7 July afternoon)Friday, 03-Jul-2015  
Dear AJCians,
The following instructions apply for all courses:
1. Please have your lunch in AJ before reporting for AJ Plays.
2. If you feel unwell, stop activity and inform the instructor or teacher immediately.
3. Report to stated venue punctually.
4. Bring along writing materials.
5. For external venues, please check the locations and how to get back home after the activity has ended.
6. For students who are attending courses in AJ, please keep your volume down when you are in the vicinity of the hall from 2 pm onwards, as MTL Oral examinations will be held at the same time.
7. If you are taking the MTL Oral examinations, please report to the venue of the activity allocated to you once you are dismissed from the Hall.
8. For any enquiries, please contact Mr Ong Jun Kok (ext 121).
9. Please read the instructions for the course allocated to you.
Organised by Student Management Department and Physical Education Department

  AJ PLAY.zip (227 KB)  Posted by : STEVE NG   

Singapore - Cambridge GCE A level examination collection of certificates (A level / SGC)Tuesday, 02-Jun-2015  
Singapore - Cambridge GCE A level examination collection of certificates (A level / SGC)

1) You are requested to collect your from General Office from now until 15 Aug 2015 between 8 am - 4.30 pm (Mon-Fri), 8am - 12noon (sat) 

2) You may authorize some to collect the certificate on your behalf but he/she must bring along a Letter of Authorisation and his/her Identity Card.

3) Please return certificate for amendments (if any) to the General Office by 15 Aug 2015.
Request for amendments will not be entertained after this date.

An admin fee of S$50 per cert will be payable for any request for reprinting of certificates due to amendment in personal particulars.

4) Thank you

Posted by : STEVE NG   

CCA/VIA Record (Draft) is available for viewingFriday, 29-May-2015  
Dear JC1 & JC2 students,

Your copy of the CCA/VIA Record (Draft) is available for viewing via the URL:  http://compapp.dx.am/

Do check the following:

1) CCA membership
2) CCA role
3) Activities Involvement
4) VIA hours
As the records are updated to Term 2 2015, pending on the submitted activities, do reflect to your CCA teachers / Admin ICs / Events Teacher ICs if there are any errors or missing records. And thereafter, to seek SPE Ms Kate in the General Office for the amendment. (**JC1, some of your records may be blank as there may not have been any entries received so far.)
In the event the missing activities involved the whole CCA / many participants, please kindly consolidate the details before approaching SPE Ms Kate, with supporting documents, eg. letter from external organization etc. You are reminded to submit any future documents of your completed Values-In-Action/Community Service activity (e.g. Letter from external organisation) to SPE Ms Kate within a month of completion of the activity. 
Any college-based Values-In-Action/Community Services (such as Class S-L or CCA S-L) should be submitted to your PD teacher or CCA teacher respectively.
For other assistance, do approach the PE dept for Mr Tan / Mr Lim Xiang.
For VIA, do approach Mr William Yeo. 

Posted by : STEVE NG   

College/CCA Events Record Form Saturday, 03-Jan-2015  
College/CCA Events Record Form
1) ALL non-CCA based and CCA based activities will be using hardcopy for submission using Form A (LEAP2.0) as attached. Do follow the instructions as per stated in the form.
2) Current CCA module in AJINC will be used for membership, roles and attendance purposes.
3) For the purposes of checking Students’ involvement, draft CCA record will be uploaded for your checking every semester and details will be announced at a later date.
4) For any queries, do approached Mr Tan Ser Yang / Mr Lim Xiang @ PE Department.
  Form_A-LEAP2.0.xlsx (24 KB)  Posted by : STEVE NG