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 Public News 
Youth Inventors 2017 Tuesday, 28-Feb-2017  

Youth Inventors 2017 is a  project initiated by youth volunteers from  nEbO , the junior membership arm of the  labour  movement  (NTUC).

This year, we will be organizing a one-day event that aims to provide youths with a  platform to ideate on products that will benefit the community.  This event hopes to  give an exposure for the youths  to channel their ideas, in creating feasible product prototypes in the future.


  We would like to  extend our invitation  to students of Anderson Junior College. Our theme this year is Climate Change, and this event would provide a platform for students to come together to solve real environmental problems in society – as they will be given a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the problems of Climate Change, and actively try to come up with a solution through design thinking and prototyping.

  Winners of this Youth Inventors Challenge will get to bring their ideas to the next level, whereby they will get a chance to work with Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) at the Community Lab @ UWCSEA, to bring the winning prototype into the real world.

Students need not have prior experience in invention to be a part of this event. Our facilitators will guide them through. It will be a great first exposure for the students!


Posted by : Abdul Razak   

ADM Portfolio ReviewThursday, 23-Feb-2017  

  ADM-2017-Open-Day_Poly-Portfolio-Review_tv.jpg (475 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

NTU Open House 2017 Thursday, 23-Feb-2017  

  OH201716x9LR.JPG (1.35 MB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

VIA Briefing 2017 for JC2Thursday, 16-Feb-2017  
Dear JC2 students, 

You have been briefed by your PD tutors on the process of claiming your VIA hours for both internal and external events. 

For future reference on the claiming and verification processes, pls refer to the slides uploaded in LMS course: Batch 1617 Character and Citizenship Education in the VIA folder or you can download the slides attached.

  VIA Briefing 2017_JC2PIT.pptx (1.92 MB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

SMU Invites: School of Accountancy "The Role of Accountants" in Society Talk on 15 March 2Wednesday, 15-Feb-2017  

SMU Accounts EDM.jpg

You are cordially invited to the following seminar conducted by School of Accountancy.

The Role of Accountants in Society


Professor Lim Soo Ping

Professor of Accounting (Practice)

Singapore Management University

(Former Auditor-General of Singapore)

15 March 2017 , Wednesday
3.00 PM – 4.00 PM
School of Accountancy, Level 3, Seminar Room 3-1 
[ View Map ]


Accountancy is not a job. It is a profession.  However, unlike in medicine and law, the work of an accountant is less visible.  There are hardly any movie or and TV drama serial based on the life or work of an accountant. 


However, from time to time, the important role of accountants is manifested in a dramatic manner when a major corporation is found to have committed serious lapses in its financial management and reporting resulting a huge loss of shareholder value and the deep erosion of investor and public confidence.   


In his talk, Prof Lim Soo Ping will share his perspectives and insights on the nature of the accountancy profession. Using case studies, he will relate the contributions of accountants in serving the interest of shareholders and the public. He will also talk about the high standards of professional competency and ethics that accountants are expected to uphold. 


This seminar is free. We look forward to seeing you at this seminar.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions 

(C) Copyright 2017 by Singapore Management University. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by : Abdul Razak   

SMU Invites: School of Accountancy Fraud Detection Talk on 17 April 2017Wednesday, 15-Feb-2017  


ou are cordially invited to the following seminar conducted by School of Accountancy.

Fraud Detection: 
The Role of Data Analytics


Professor Gary Pan

Associate Professor of Accounting (Education)

Associate Dean (Student Matters)

Academic Director, SMU-X

Singapore Management University


17 April 2017 , Monday
4.00 PM – 5.30 PM
School of Accountancy, Level 1, Seminar Room 1-3 
[ View Map ]


Fraud detection is in growing demand considering increasing incidents of business fraud. This talk will be of interest to prospective students that are considering pursuing accountancy degree and forensic accounting as a future career option.


Corporate fraud in Singapore is on the rise. The KPMG-SMU Singapore Fraud Survey 2014 report suggests that 29 per cent of the survey respondents experienced fraud incident within their organization over the past two years, up from 22 per cent in the 2011 survey. The report also mentions 53% of respondents said fraud occurred due to weak or overridden internal controls, despite the fact that most organizations already have fraud risk management measures in place. Interestingly, 10% of the respondents highlighted fraud incidents were first detected by data analytics investigation procedures. These findings suggest, as the power and prevalence of data analytics increase, it is likely that the use of technological solutions to identify fraud will continue to grow.


Traditionally, corporate fraud detection tends to rely heavily on the manual skills of the fraud investigation team using experience, instinct, and persistence to analyze data related to the fraudulent activity. Nevertheless, the sheer volume, velocity and variety of data (so called big data) that are now being generated every day in corporation, are likely to overwhelm fraud investigators’ best attempts at data analytics.


This talk aims to shed light on how fraud detection has evolved to be more technologically-centric so as to make better sense of big data insights – the process of fraud analytics involves gathering and storing relevant data and mining it for patterns, discrepancies, and anomalies. The findings are then translated into insights to aid fraud investigation.



This seminar is free. We look forward to seeing you at this seminar.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions 

(C) Copyright 2017 by Singapore Management University. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by : Abdul Razak   

College/CCA Events Record FormThursday, 02-Feb-2017  

College/CCA Events Record Form

1) ALL non-CCA based and CCA based activities will be using hardcopy for submission using Form A (LEAP2.0) as attached. Do follow the instructions as per stated in the form.

2) Current CCA module in AJINC will be used for membership, roles and attendance purposes.
3) For the purposes of checking Students’ involvement, draft CCA record will be uploaded for your checking every semester and details will be announced at a later date.
4) For any queries, do approached Mr Tan Ser Yang / Mr Lim Xiang @ PE Department.
  Form A (LEAP2.0).xlsx (25 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Recruitment of Buddies for JC Experiential Programme 2017 (27 Feb- 3 March 2017)Friday, 27-Jan-2017  
I am Shawn from the JC Experience Committee. We are looking for interested students to sign up as buddies to host the scholars for the JC Experiential Programme.

Every year, under the MOE’s JC Experiential Programme, AJC will host a group of PRC Undergraduate Scholars (aged 17-19) for a week in the College. These scholars are undergoing the programme as part of their Preparatory Course before their admission into undergraduate science courses at NTU or SUTD.

The objectives of the JC Experiential Programme (JXP) are to provide the PRC scholars with the opportunity to interact with local students and gain an insight into our JC education system.

This year, the PRC undergraduate scholars will be with us from 27 February to 3 March .

The scholars will be attached to the buddies for lessons and all activities will be conducted in College. This will be a good opportunity to learn important networking and communication skills, deepen your understanding of different cultures and earn VIA hours while performing an important service to the college.

Sign-ups will be available on AJinc via the url link: https://goo.gl/eQ6djI and applications  will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Thank you and Non Mihi Solum

On Behalf of the JC Experience Student Committee 
Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Youth Service Week 2017Tuesday, 24-Jan-2017  
Dear Students,

The Youth Corp Singapore (YCS) has released a list of pre-curated community service events (see e-poster attached). These community service events serve children, seniors, as well as those with special needs, and are spread out across the week of 11-18 March.

To equip volunteers with some background understanding of the profile and needs of the beneficiary type that they are going to engage, YCS has also planned for some fun and meaningful workshops in the month of February in the lead up to Youth Service Week. For example, youths who have signed up for “Care to Colour” community service event on 11 March which serves the deaf community, can sign up for the “Ignite & Make a Difference” talk on 9 February which will be facilitated by the Singapore Association for the Deaf volunteers.
Below is the full calendar of events listing down the various workshops and community service events that correspond to the various beneficiary profile YCS is serving.

Interested students can sign up for the workshops or volunteering opportunities at http://tinyurl.com/YSW-AJC 

For enquiries, pls approach Ms Raudah or Mr Edwin Chia of the CCE Dept.

Youth Service Week 2017.jpg
  Youth Service Week 2017.jpg (212 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak