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 Public News 
Parents-Teachers Meeting for JC2Tuesday, 25-Apr-2017  

Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Daist Phay Foundation -MOE awardThursday, 20-Apr-2017  

Dr Phay Seng Whatt set up the Daisy Phay Foundation to give annual scholarship and bursaries to student study in Junior College


Quantum of the award: $1000.00



Singapore Citizen,

Gross Monthly Household income not more than $4500 or not more than $900 Per Capita income

Student not concurrently in receipt of another scholarship or bursary recommended by or applied through school

The successful applicant will  receive the awards for two year . The  Awardee’s  JC1 promo results ranked above 45percentile of the chort to be eligible for renewal in the following year

All awardee are expected to display exemplary conduct

Please submit the attached form to General by   25 April 2017


Lee Lian Hong

Admin Manager

General  Office

  Daisy Phay Foundation -MOE Award 2017.docx (30 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Invitation to Participate in National Xinyao Singing and Songwriting Competition 2017Monday, 17-Apr-2017  

Invitation to Participate in National Xinyao Singing and Songwriting Competition 2017


To  promote students’ awareness and appreciation of Xinyao, the rich local Chinese music culture that proliferated in the 1980s, as well as to stimulate students’ interest in learning the Chinese Language , the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning, will be organising the “National Xinyao Singing and Songwriting  Competition  2017” together with Jurong Junior College, TCR Music Station, Lianhe Zaobao and mm2 Entertainment.


The details of the competition are as follows: 






27/05/2017  (Sat)



Jurong Junior College

23/06/2017  (Fri)

Preliminary round


Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre

09/07/2017  (Sun)



Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre

12/08 /2017 (Sat)



Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre


Categories:  1.  “Solo Singing  Category

                       2. “Group Singing  Category

                       3. “Song Writing Category”.


Eligibility : Students from secondary schools, JCs and CI, ITEs and Polytechnics are eligible.  Category 1 is opened to Singapore citizens and Singapore PR.  Category 2 and 3 should consist of at least 50% Singapore citizens or Singapore PR.



Registration Period 17 April (Monday) to 19 May (Friday)


Attached is the invitation letter in Chinese for more information on the competition and registration details.

  2017 Invitation Letter and Annex_Xinyao_Competition (CL) .pdf (514 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

BrightSparks Scholarships & Higher Education Fair 2017Thursday, 13-Apr-2017  

Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Anderson Junior College Grassroots Attachment Programme Tuesday, 11-Apr-2017  

The objectives of this programme are to expose AJC students to pertinent social issues in their community and to encourage them to take an active stake in their community and nation. Through the programme, we hope that AJC students were presented with opportunities to interact and bond with the residents through the various community projects.

AJC partners with 3 grassroots organisations for the programme. The 3 organisations are Teck Ghee Community Centre Youth Executive Committee, Rivervale Grove Residents’ Committee and Ang Mo Kio T-NET Club. There will be a total of 9 leadership positions, where each organisation appoints 1 president and 2 vice presidents. The key role of the student leaders is to coordinate the participation of student volunteers in each organisation and to record the involvement of the student volunteers.

Interested JC1 students should attend an information session to Interact with the seniors to find out more about the programme. Details of the information session are

Date: 28 April, Friday 
Time: 4.30pm. 
Venue is Nexus
Refreshments will be provided. Application forms will be given during the session

Mr Chew Tse Yong
HOD/Talent Management

Posted by : Abdul Razak   

9th SAL Junior College Law ProgrammeMonday, 03-Apr-2017  


Please register for the programme at this  registration link and this registration link .

For any queries, please contact Mr Derek Phang at ext 162 or email phang_chu_xiang_derek@moe.edu.sg.

Posted by : Abdul Razak   

NHMed 2017 Wednesday, 29-Mar-2017  

Dear AJCians,

We are glad to be extending our invitation for students from your school to sign up as participants for the National Healthcare-Medical (NHMed) Symposium 2017. NHMed is a 2.5-day event organised by the student-led committee from Hwa Chong Institution and supported by the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS. Over the course of the symposium, participants from various tertiary institutions around Singapore will get to interact with healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of their work and field, while meeting peers with similar interests. We hope that NHMed 2017 will be able to expose our participants to various healthcare professions and inspire them to work towards their aspirations.

NHMed 2017 will be held at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS, from 31 May 2017 to 2 June 2017 and includes the following segments:

·  Lecture Series by various doctors

·  Mock Medicine Lecture

·  Focused Group Discussions by Allied Health Professionals

·  Focused Group Discussions by doctors of various professions

·  Trip to Anatomy Museum (entrance fee included in the $27 participants fee)

·  Trip to Centre for Healthcare Simulation

The participants’ fee for this event will be $27, which includes the entrance fee to the NUS Anatomy Museum. Participants will be required to bring along money for the payment of their entrance fee on 31 May 2017.

Interested students who wish to sign up to be participants for NHMed 2017 may sign up at this online sign-up form: https://goo.gl/forms/OajFjJp530yZ1zfi1

We will shortlist participants based on their responses in this form and will contact all shortlisted participants.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email us at nhmed@hci.edu.sg .

Thank you and we hope to see you there!

Yours sincerely,

Organising Committee for National Healthcare-Medical Symposium 2017


Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Change of LMS login methodFriday, 10-Mar-2017  
Dear J2, Starting from 10 Mar 2017,12p.m LMS login method will change since our vendor for LMS is implementing anonymous login policy.  Login ID: AJC + last 4 digits and letter of your NRIC.  initial password is the same as your login ID. i.e. U serid: AJC2391G;  password: AJC2391G". If you face any problem login to LMS, pls email to razak@wizlearn.com . Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Sports Carnival 2017 Information SheetSunday, 05-Mar-2017  
Download the attachment on the Sports Carnival 2017 Information Sheet and the Dry Weather Activity Venue.
  SportsCarnival2017InformationSheet_Venue.pdf (231 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

College/CCA Events Record FormThursday, 02-Feb-2017  

College/CCA Events Record Form

1) ALL non-CCA based and CCA based activities will be using hardcopy for submission using Form A (LEAP2.0) as attached. Do follow the instructions as per stated in the form.

2) Current CCA module in AJINC will be used for membership, roles and attendance purposes.
3) For the purposes of checking Students’ involvement, draft CCA record will be uploaded for your checking every semester and details will be announced at a later date.
4) For any queries, do approached Mr Tan Ser Yang / Mr Lim Xiang @ PE Department.
  Form A (LEAP2.0).xlsx (25 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak