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 Public News 
JC2 PE Games SurveyMonday, 26-Sep-2016  
Dear JC2, 

The aim of this survey is to gather feedback on the  PE Games for the year. We seek your honest feedback so that we can make improvements, where applicable, for future programmes. You are encouraged to provide additional comments on specific areas, if any. Please be assured that your feedback will not have any bearing on you in any way. Thank you.

Posted by : Abdul Razak   

NUS-MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Research (HSSR) 2017 – H3 Research SubjectsThursday, 22-Sep-2016  

Dear JC1 Students,

The NUS-MOE Humanities & Social Sciences Research 2017 (henceforth ‘HSSR 2017’) is now open for application.

It is an H3 option for outstanding students, offering research topics in one of the following subjects:

Chinese Language and Literature




Literature in English, and 

Malay Language and Literature

Suitable JC1 students are invited to apply for the programme.  Generally, students applying for the programme in a particular subject are expected to achieve a ‘B’ or better in the corresponding subject at H2 level.The HSSR is open only to students who are taking the ‘A’ Level Examination in end 2017.

Students will choose one research topic from the given list of topics provided by FASS, NUS and write a research proposal of about 300 words as well as provide a typewritten sample of their writing which demonstrates their interest in and knowledge of the subject.

Please refer to this website to find out about more about the programme:

The application form (Form A & Form B) and list of research topics are attached here, for your convenience.

The deadline for submission of applications (hard copy) to your subject teacher for the corresponding H2 subject is Wed 12 Oct 2016, 12 pm.

Do note that this date is earlier than for other H3 programmes so as to meet the NUS Registar’s Office timeline for registration.

Ms Ong Shir Nee

  HSSR2017.zip (293 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

MOE Teaching Internship Programme 2017Thursday, 15-Sep-2016  

The Teaching Internship Programme allows graduating students to experience teaching and find out for themselves if teaching is a suitable career for them. During this internship, interns will undergo a 5-day training session and be posted to schools for 6 to 9 weeks during Jan – Mar 2017. They will also receive an allowance during their school experience.


Interested students should apply with their Preliminary Examinations results before 24 October 2016.

Selection interviews for shortlisted applicants will be held from 21 Nov – 2 Dec 2016. Students may send their enquiries to moe_tipjc@moe.gov.sg 


Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Invitation to Presidential Distinguished Lecturer Series: SMU Provost Prof Lily Kong (27 September, Wednesday, 14-Sep-2016  

SMU is pleased to invite AJC students to their upcoming Presidential Distinguished Lecture by SMU Provost Professor Lily Kong on Tuesday 27 Sep 2016, 5.00pm - 6.30pm , at SMU. She will be speaking on the topic “Religion and Space” and will discuss how the use of physical spaces is integral to the practice of religion in land-scarce Singapore.

Students are encouraged to join in this lecture to uncover new insights on “Religion and Space”, a topic closely related to studies in General Paper and Human Geography. 

Prof Kong is an internationally regarded thought leader in the study of religion,  cultural policy, urban heritage and conservation, and national identity,  and is also the co-author of the book titled ‘Religion and Space: Competition, Conflict and Violence in the Contemporary World’.

To sign up, go to http://www.smu.edu.sg/pdls/speaker or click on the edm below by Friday, 16 September.


Posted by : Abdul Razak   

OBS Leadership and Service AwardTuesday, 13-Sep-2016  

The OBS Leadership and Service Award (LSA) recognises and celebrates youths with outstanding contributions in leadership and service in our community.  This award offers outstanding youths a scholarship to participate in a unique OBS 21-day leadership development course that designed to sharpen their leadership kills and realise their potential as youth leaders.

As a National Youth Developer under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth(MCCY), we hope to build rugged and resilience individual so that upon completion of an OBS programme, they can contribute back to the community.   

OBS would like to take this opportunity to invite exceptional youths for LSA December 2016.  The nominees can be current students, students who just graduated, or even your own staff. It is believed that this would be an experience of a lifetime for them, and they will return more inspired to serve the community at large.

To apply, complete the attached self-declaration form and submit it in hardcopy to Mr Edwin Chia by 19 Sep 2016.


  OBS LSA Self Declaration Form.pdf (318 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Common Purpose - SG100 Young Leaders Programme 2016Tuesday, 13-Sep-2016  

The Common Purpose - SG100 Young Leaders Programme 2016  is a four-day experiential leadership development programme specifically designed for  *pre-university / Post-Secondary*  students of Singapore. It was launched last year as part of the SG50 celebrations supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, set up by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). As a result of its success last year, we have been invited to run the programme once again. This year it is supported by the National Youth Council.


The Programme will bring together 150 exceptional students from diverse backgrounds to tackle the challenge, ‘How do the young leaders of Singapore kick start their 50 year legacy?’. Using Singapore as a classroom, students will be immersed and exposed to a range of different views and perspectives from a cross section of society. The students will work in small groups; generate ideas to tackle the above challenge with the guidance of mentors who will be experienced professionals in their chosen fields. They will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts and stakeholders, and will continue to be supported on the execution of their ideas beyond the four day programme.


They will also become a part of the Common Purpose Massive Online Innovation Community, a global online platform dedicated to taking the innovative ideas forward. As a result of these diverse experiences, the students will be inspired to become better leaders; leading change in society and learn to solve complex problems.


To apply to be a part of this exciting programme, please refer to   https://commonpurpose.org/singapore/young-leaders-programme/  for instructions.

  SG100_2pager_2016.pdf (431 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Volunteering Opportunities at River SafariWednesday, 24-Aug-2016  

Greetings from Wildlife Reserves Singapore!


We have 2 exciting events coming up. You may read more about it and sign up using the links given in the attachment.

1.       River Safari September Event (3 – 11 Sep 2016)

2.       Safari Boo (21 – 30 Oct, Fridays to Sundays)

  Volunteer Opportunities _September_October.pdf (254 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

Engaging Youths, Empowering Seniors (EYES)Tuesday, 23-Aug-2016  

Dear JC1 students,


We are pleased to share with you     Engaging Youths, Empowering Seniors (EYES)  – starts 5 November (5 weeks programme, with seniors)   organised by Youth Corps Singapore.

Registration will be via the Youth Corps portal ( www.youthcorps.sg ). All you would need to do is to sign up for an account and you can start registering for the volunteering opportunities that interest you  J


  EYES.png (769 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT)[Important for students interested in Medicine!]Friday, 12-Aug-2016  
Dear JC2 Students,

If you wish to further your studies in the medical field either in NTU or medical schools in the UK,you will need to take the BioMedical Admissions Test(BMAT),which will take place on 2 November 2016.Do note that the registration window is from 1 Sept to 1 Oct 2016.Please refer to the attached for more information.
2016 BMAT Advert.png
  2016 BMAT Overview.pdf (152 KB)  Posted by : Abdul Razak   

College/CCA Events Record FormTuesday, 13-Oct-2015  

College/CCA Events Record Form



1) ALL non-CCA based and CCA based activities will be using hardcopy for submission using Form A (LEAP2.0)as attached. Do follow the instructions as per stated in the form.
2) Current CCA module in AJINC will be used for membership, roles and attendance purposes.
3) For the purposes of checking Students’ involvement, draft CCA record will be uploaded for your checking every semester and details will be announced at a later date.
4) For any queries, do approached Mr Tan Ser Yang / Mr Lim Xiang @ PE Department.
  Form A (LEAP2.0)-updated.xlsx (25 KB)  Posted by : STEVE NG